Home Run Derby

Get up off the couch and hit one out of the park yourself! Create a Home Run Derby and compete against your friends to see who can field the best line-up of sluggers! Our Home Run Derby easy to play and fun. Set your roster once and change your line-up from week to week for the best results. Users picks a roster and then set their line-up from that roster. Changes can be made week to week as you tune your line-up for best results.
Key Features
  • Choose a roster from the top home run sluggers from the previous season
  • Set an active line-up from your roster
  • Every home run hit by your active line-up earns you a point
  • Change your line-up by substituting players on your roster from week to week
  • View standings and roster performance
  • View individual player performance to help with substitution decisions

Setup is quick and easy!

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